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Stanley Chang is an innovative member of the Hawaii State Senate, representing District 9. His goal as a legislator is simple: he wants to solve Hawaii's housing shortage.

That is why he created ALOHA Homes. Based on Singapore's housing model, the bill would allow the state to build low-cost, high-density housing and sell it to Hawaii citizens at zero profit. It would not cost taxpayers any money, while providing thousands of units to solve our supply crisis.


Beyond housing, Senator Chang seeks to find innovative solutions to Hawaii's most pressing issues. Examples include his work to establish free community college, to decriminalize marijuana, and to improve police-community relations.

Senator Chang headshot.


Senator Chang was raised in East Honolulu by hardworking immigrants from China, who instilled in him the core values of responsibility, humility, and honesty. He attended Kahala Elementary School and ‘Iolani School, where he developed an interest in public service as a member of student government. Through years of determination and grit— and the help of his community— he graduated top of his class and earned a scholarship to attend Harvard College.

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Senator Chang attended Harvard in 2000, where he majored in Government. While earning his undergraduate degree, he spent hours honing his political platform, discussing politics with future leaders like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. Stanley graduated magna cum laude in 2004.


Immediately thereafter, he attended Harvard Law School, where he learned from a number of esteemed law professors, like U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren. He graduated from Harvard Law School cum laude in 2008.

Senator Chang and Pete Buttigieg.

Stanley and Pete Buttigieg at Harvard


Then-Councilmember Chang speaking at the City Council.

After campaigning for 15 months and knocking on 19,000 doors, Senator Chang won the seat representing Honolulu City Council District 4. He served for four years, working as an outspoken advocate for improving Honolulu infrastructure and increasing funding for road repairs. As Vice Chair of the Budget Committee, he oversaw the city's $2 billion operating budget.

Following a rigorous tenure at the county level, he announced his candidacy for Hawaii State Senate District 9, challenging long-time incumbent Republican Sam Slom.

Stanley speaking during his time in the City Council


Senator Chang was elected to the Hawai’i State Senate in 2016, where he was made Chair of the Housing Committee. Upon hearing the stories of houseless and housing-insecure Hawaii citizens, Senator Chang quickly made Hawaii's housing crisis his top priority.


He extensively researched the issue: speaking with housing experts from around the world, hosting housing conferences, even conducting a housing delegation to Singapore. Through this research, he proposed numerous housing-related legislation— working with colleagues to solve a housing shortage that vastly affects District 9, and Hawaii as a whole. 

Senator Chang being sworn in to the State Senate.

Stanley being sworn in as a Senator in 2016

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