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  • Written by: Charla Teves (Intern)

COVID-19 Vaccine: Things to Know

Important information regarding Moderna and Pfizer's vaccines

1. Continue to wear a mask, even after you’ve been vaccinated. The CDC currently advises that those vaccinated continue wearing masks and socially distance. This is because the transmissibility of vaccinated individuals is still being studied. As more people are vaccinated and COVID cases decrease, mask mandates and restrictions on social gatherings will be relaxed.

2. The COVID-19 vaccine takes effect several weeks after doses are received. Two weeks after the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, it is around 50% effective (only 50% of people will have symptoms). Two weeks after the second dose, it becomes 95% effective (only 5% of people will have symptoms, and chances of severe infection are negligible).

3. It is normal to experience mild side effects. Common side effects after being vaccinated include a feeling of pain in your arm, a fever, chills, or joint pain. These side effects are only temporary and last around 24 hours.


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